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The Main Sheet

*Have a great day, come to the lake and go sailing!

*(11-25) Hey members, we are coming to a close of another year. The  club championship races finish in November for the Soling, 36/600, and US 12 classes.The final scores have been posted and the class winners are !!!. Check out the schedule and score page. Very important, the Annual Awards Luncheon along with the meeting and elections of officers has been  set
for December 9th. The banquet will be at Olive Garden in the Pavilion Center. Plan to come out to support your club !

*(10-2) The Port Orange Shipmodelers Club held a Model Ship Show at the Ormond Beach Library September 22nd -24th. It was a very nice event and well attended by the public. Free wooden model boats were handed out to the attending children.If they brought their completed boat back in, they received a trophy.  Club President, Frank Leisey invited our club members to display our boats. Proud to say that after counting the votes, my sailboat the "Black Pearl" got the trophy for Best of Show.

*Calling all members: Consider joining AMYA.
Getting the magazine allows you to read and see first hand about your sport. Help perpetuate the hobby on a national level.

Our club needs to maintain a minimum number of members in AMYA to keep our Club #163 status. When you join,
let our treasurer know your AMYA member number.