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Richard Sbordone, Commodore
Frank Ligon, Vice Commodore
Barney Senff, Treasurer

2018 Winter Classic Regatta

Florida DF95 Winter Classic

Hosted by South Daytona Beach MYC #163


Tony Gonsalves Takes the Win in South Daytona

By Joe Walter, Race Director

Overcast skies and shifting winds greeted the skippers arriving for the first ever South Daytona Model Yacht Club’S Winter Classic Regatta.   

This regatta was planned for a one-day fun event with a small fleet of DF95 skippers from the local area. When the entry list grew 

to 27 boats from as far away as Miami and Georgia.

With 21 total races sailed, the CESS Pool system allowed every skipper to sail against every other skipper in the regatta many times. Everyone had a chance to spar with top skippers and beginners alike. And with those opportunities, we saw lots of great racing from many skippers. Eight different skippers scored wins out of 21 races. Chuck Millican had the most with five.

For me, every skipper seemed to be having a wonderful time sailing and just as good a time in the company of their fellow sailors.


The Final Results after corrections are:


Place      Skipper                          Sail #       Points

1.            Tony Gonsalves             51             27

2.            Steve Landeau               12             31

3.            Chuck Millican               21             34

4.            Martin Gray                   183           42

5.            Alan Perkins                   214           54

6.            Christian Flebbe             241           55

7.            Vernon Gibson               77             59

8.            Calvin Obara                  323           62          tie breaker

9.            Graham Brewster           316           62                  

10.          John Eldridge                 11             66

11.          Fred Bremen                  266           69

12.          John Bottensek              194           84

13.          Jim Rutherford              9               90

14.          Al Strout                        427           101        tie breaker

15.          Darrell Krasoski             44             101

16.          Jeff Counsell                  420           104        tie breaker

17.          Richard Sbordone          14             104

18.          Mike Campbell              165           116

19.          Liz Perkins                     217           118

20.          Byron Senff                   287           138

21.          Brian Ladouceur            105           147

22.          Jay Godwin                    936           153

23.          Frank Ligon                   79             155

24.          Dan Pearce                     456           166

25.          Chris Dale                      409           203        Withdrew

Carl Lindh showed up but did not start and Baron Bremer could not make it.

I want to thank Richard Sbordone and Frank Ligon for inviting me to be Race Director. It was an honor and privilege. I also want to thank Tom Germer for making the trip over form the Villages to be our Rules Judge as well as help out with the ping-pong balls. A big thank you to Joe Murr for keeping score and to Doug, Brian, Bill, Bud, Bob and all the great folks at SDMYC for all their hard work and support. I had the easy part of starting the clock and yelling at the skippers to put their boats in the water. Everyone else did all the hard work of organizing the event, setting up, getting the lunches, etc.